Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the box?

  • Pathfinder 320 
  • Power/Charging Cable (6 ft. / 183 cm)
  • Quickstart Guide


What are the dimensions of the Pathfinder 320?

The Pathfinder 320 is 15.1" x 10.4" x 19.4" (WxDxH) and weighs 22.7 lbs.

What is the water resistance rating on the Pathfinder 320?

The Pathfinder 320 is IPX5 level water-resistant, which means it is ok to get a little wet. Technically speaking, an IPX5 rated device can withstand anything from light rain to splashing water, to even water jets (think super-soaker). Avoid any extended periods of wetness (i.e. leaving it out in the rain), powerful water jets, or submerging the pathfinder in water.

Note: When the rubber compartment cover is open, the unit will not be water resistant. Make sure Pathfinder 320 and connections are dry before charging. Never charge when the unit is wet.


How do I pair the Pathfinder 320 to my Bluetooth device?

  1. Make sure the speaker is within range of your Bluetooth device (no more than 100 ft. / 30.5 m away). If there is no connection after 90 seconds, the speaker will stop searching for a Bluetooth device and enter AUX mode.
  2. Press the Bluetooth button on the speaker.
  3. Navigate to your Bluetooth device’s setup screen. Then find and select Pathfinder 320. Do not connect to iPA159_BLE; this is reserved exclusively for connecting to the ION Sound XP™ app. If your Bluetooth device prompts for a pairing code, enter 0000.

Note: If you have previously connected to your Bluetooth device, Pathfinder™ 320 will reconnect automatically.


Is this battery user-replaceable?

Yes! The 12V, 7AH lead-acid internal battery can easily be replaced when necessary. The batteries are readily available direct from ION Audio or other online retailers and are even easy to find at your local hardware store. Visit our link below to inquire about obtaining a new battery for your Pathfinder 320 direct from ION Audio:


How long will the battery last on a charge?

When charged fully, the Pathfinder 320 has an incredible battery life of around 100 hours when used at a low or moderate volume level. Battery life may vary based on temperature, age, and volume usage of the speaker.


How long does it take to charge the battery?

The battery in the Pathfinder 320 will take up to 10 hours to fully charge.


Can I charge my phone with the USB port?

Yes! The Pathfinder 320 has two USB ports for charging your devices - the USB port on the front panel (5V, 1A) and the fast charging USB port inside the top compartment (5V, 2.2A).
Note: USB charging only functions when the unit's power is on.


Which functions of the Pathfinder 320 can be controlled by the ION Audio Sound XP App?

  • Radio: Play the radio, change stations, and edit presets.
  • EQ: Adjust the speaker's equalization, and enable or disable Boom.
  • Volume: Adjust the speaker volume.
  • Light Effect: Choose the lighting effect from Color Cycle, Beat Sync, and Off.
  • Battery Status: Displays the battery level.


  1. Power on both Pathfinder 320 speakers.
  2. Be sure to disconnect any Bluetooth devices before attempting to link two speakers.
  3. Press and hold the Link button to enter Stereo Link mode. Once a link has been established, the word LINK will appear in the display.
  4. Then, repeat this process on the other Pathfinder 320  speaker.
  5. To disconnect, double press the Link button on one of the two Pathfinder 320 speakers.

Note: It may take up to 1 minute to make the connection.

The Pathfinder 320 will only stereo link with another Pathfinder 320.